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You want your employees to learn from the best?

You need a system that provides expertise just at the right moment just in the right place?

Our solution tt-ILS Expertise is exactly made for this requirement.

The special feature of our solution is the strict separation of content, the content relationships and the software program. Based on this this separation, content is updateable and extendable as fast as possible. The logical relationships of content can be managed independently from the content itself.

The ILS user interface, being part of the base software, is also independent of content and structure. Thus, tt-ILS Expertise can be used as the base system for virtually any expertise delivery.


The components of tt-ILS Expertise

tt-ILS Expertise*Creator The authoring and compilation tool to combine modular content and manage metadata
tt-ILS Expertise*Server The central storage of content, media and metadata
tt-ILS Expertise*Client The client software for work-embedded-learning

Tell us your specific challanges so we can offer you the tailor-made solution for work-embedded-learning.


Best Practice

See how the federal finance office supplies the 16.000 family pay offices in Germany fast and efficient in the project example LernCULtur.