"We have to put an end to this „block oriented learning on stock“. Work-Embedded Learning is as flexible as to google for information - but the preparation of the knowledge domain and the discovery of the relevant knowledge object is much better!"

Michaela Herrmann, CEO of Teleteach GmbH

Work-embedded Learning

The daily business in many work domains is determined by the search for information. In business sectors such as banks, insurance or administration, in the medical area or in the high tech business, your employees spend most of the time gathering up-to-date information.

In order to acomplish this task, an amazing amount of professional journals, books, databases and the Internet is available. However, each person is totally overwhelmed with the processing of this huge amount of information and the integration into his or her context.

As a consequence, the available knowledge must be filtered and processed by prooven criteria and communicated in such a way as to maximize practical relevance.

''Hands-on'' learning and case-based learning are perfect methodologies for this.

Moreover, the given knowledge base has to be available at the place it's needed - the work place. Learning therefore will be naturally integrated into the daily business, including additional information and tools, such as a glossary,  or forms and calculation sheets, which should be callable in a context based manner.

The possibilities of computer based knowledge transfer can and should be used to optimally target and steer the distribution of knowledge.

Work-Embedded learning doesn't mean to simulate seminars and trainings. It means to fulfil the short-term demand, resulting from of daily problems, by delivering the right information at the right time on the right place.

Our software tt-ILS Expertise enables you to implement work-embedded learning today.